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About me

Hi. Thanks for the time reading my Blog.

My name is Paul Bolton and I'm a IT investigations guy based in the UK.

I've created this Blog to talk about aspects of IT related to my profession; and some related pastimes, but more of that later.

The key is to do my bit to help you, the reader, become a better IT (or Security) professional. So please feedback any improvements in the comments so that I can hopefully make this a success.

As someone in IT investigations, my job involves understanding and fixing complex problems in IT systems that can involve pretty much any technology. Whether this is OS related, performance tuning, network, or something else; anything is fair game. A fundamental part of this is to truely understand what the technology does, and not just what the slideware or instruction manual suggests it does.

An interesting offshoot of this is a healthy interest in security related issues, which you can probably gather from the SANS GIAC certifications I have, such as GXPN.

Prior to my Investigations role, I've been involved in software development (VMS/system services/C, etc), research and platform development.

My LinkedIn Profile can be found here

I do have an eclectic mix of pasttimes, ranging from the sterotypical technical ones to such things as learning Chinese (inc. writing), to passing some professional exams in tree felling with a chainsaw (so I have something to "fall back" on; I know - bad joke ;-) )

Finally, I suspect you may be asking where the website name comes from? I'm also a licenced radio amateur, and the callsign assigned to me is M0NOC.

I hope you enjoy reading the Blog.